What it's really like to be on Married At First Sight Australia, according to season 6's Melissa Lucarelli

Buckle up.

what it’s really like to be on mafs australia, by a season 6 star

It's the show everyone's talking about: Married At First Sight Australia, airing nightly on E4, has had us cringing, laughing, tweeting and totally obsessed over the last month in lockdown.

MAFS Australia pairs singletons together based on scientific tests conducted by a panel of experts, with the couples meeting for the first time on their wedding day. This leads to love (sometimes), lust (not always between the married pair) and a whole heap of drama.

With the season finale airing on E4 on March 1, we've reached the end of the explosive sixth series, and TBQH we're going to feel pretty devastated to say 'leave' to the couples we've been religiously watching for the past few weeks.

One of our favourite contestants from season six? Sydney-based talent agent Melissa Lucarelli, who revealed on the show that she hadn't had sex for eight years. Since the moment her match, meditation facilitator Dino Hira, rode into their wedding on a decked-out horse, it was clear spiritual Dino and down-to-earth Mel had been put together firmly with the idea that opposites attract.

Spoiler alert: they didn't.

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After realising they had nothing in common at their wedding, things went from bad to worse as the couple honeymooned in Fiji, took a trip to Australia's Gold Coast, and moved into an apartment courtesy of the show. But their relationship ultimately fell apart when Melissa caught Dino secretly recording a private conversation she had with her sister, resulting in them both deciding to leave the experiment.

Since the season aired in Australia back in early 2019, Melissa's had a lot of time to reflect on taking part in the experiment.

"I've never spoken about the experience like this or about what it was really like," Lucarelli tells Cosmopolitan UK as they chat over Zoom.

More than two years since the events of the show, Lucarelli opens up to Cosmopolitan UK for a no-holds-barred insight into what it's actually like to be on Married At First Sight Australia

Cosmopolitan UK has reached out to Channel Nine for comment.

'The dinner parties would go on until 4am'

"The dinner parties would continue until four in the morning, and we had to start getting ready at 10am. At 10am the camera crew would come and film you getting ready for the dinner party and chatting to your partner. They'll get you to speak about specific people who might have drama going on and then you're taken to the warehouse where it's filmed, and you have to wait in a tent. After that you get taken in a car kitted out with GoPros and you drive around for ages, talking about the night, then you're shuffled back into tents, which are f**king hot. So many times, the footage looks like I've just jumped into a pool because I'm sweating so much."

'We had a curfew and hall monitors'

"We're actually not allowed to talk to the other couples unless we're at the dinner party or commitment ceremony, or we're on mic, so we'd all call each other secretly. My room used to get searched for people all the time, because they'd come over. We had hall monitors though, which is why it wouldn't last long as they'd come and check the room. We had a 9pm curfew, so if we weren't filming we had to be in our apartments with our partner, so obviously I didn't like that."

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'You have your social accounts taken away'

"It's a much better experience now the show is airing in the UK than when it first aired in Australia, because now I've got my social media and I can speak to people about it. Plus, UK people get me and my humour – I used to live in Brighton and I love it there!

"When we're in it, they take our social media off us and they disable all our comments. Then when it airs, it's all totally taken off you. We'd only be allowed to choose Instagram pictures from a selection they gave us, and they would upload them. The MAFS contract is really strict."

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'Not everyone on the show applies – they're also cast'

"I applied by filling out an application, then I had a Skype call with a casting producer. Then, I went to an hour-long audition in-person with the two exec producers and the network. Once you make it through that, you Skype with a psychologist and take the tests to find your match. I was told they had selected me and that they were looking for my match.

"Some people didn't apply but were scouted – they also look for specific types of people. After the show had been on, I was at the pub with one of the other girls from my season and a woman came up to us and she was actually out looking for two guys for the next season, to match a specific description. They obviously already had cast the wives and were looking for their matches."

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'We did wacky scientific tests to get matched'

"We did some wacky T-shirt sniffing with an expert who had a white lab jacket on, and we did it in a lab to make it look science-y. I got sent a T-shirt that we had to sleep in, and you had to sleep in it for about five nights and you weren't allowed to put deodorant on, and then we had to seal it in a ziplock bag. Then, we had to go and sniff the guys' T-shirts and say which ones smelled good. I think that was meant to be about pheromones or something. After that we had to go through pictures of guys on an iPad and say yes or no to them. But really I think the matching was down to the producers."

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'I was edited to look like shit all the time because I was the relatable one'

"About 80% of the shots of me are where I'm eating or drinking. It was like they had chosen me to be the funny, relatable one – but does that mean I have to look like shit all the time? They had thousands of hours worth of footage of me, and they chose all the shots where I was eating.

"Someone actually messaged me to tell me they would play a drinking game where they took a drink every time I said 'spiritual' or 'eight years' – the producers make you answer the same question over and over again in different spots, but you expect them not to use them all!"

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'The producers made me feel so upset at my wedding that the makeup artist couldn't put my eyelashes on'

"The producers were playing on me being high energy and Dino having zero energy. They made me think I was late to my wedding when they gave me a call time of 8.30am, but on the day tried to say that my wedding was at 8.30am. I mean, who gets married at 8.30am? They kept at me and told me my new husband and all his family are sitting there waiting, that all the crew and production staff are there and claimed I'd ruined everyone's day, and asked how that made me feel. They wanted to get a reaction, which they got. I was getting so upset, the poor makeup lady couldn't put my eyelashes on."

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'Our match was clearly a joke'

"Clearly, we were matched for entertainment. They can use the idea that we're opposites to place us together, but I specifically said to them that I want to be matched with someone that loves me, for me, and vice versa, that we weren't there to change each other. But that's what their whole reasoning was for matching us. Honestly, I still don't know why having high energy and being a bit extra gets such a bad rep. I like that about me, I don't want to change. I think it's my best quality.

"We didn't have anything in common – not even our values aligned. It was so unfair and upsetting; it was clearly a joke."

'I'd do it again, but with different expectations'

"I was one of the older brides – this was really serious for me. I mean, I hadn't seen a penis for years! And then I was given Dino, who was saying stuff like, 'I will make love to her soul,' and nobody warned me! I had to watch it back and go, 'What?!'

"I wish that I had gone in there without that expectation so I wouldn't have been so disappointed. I was devastated with the match because, before, I could confidently say I could pretty much get along with anyone. But they found the one person I couldn't. It's hard to think that out of the 10,000 or so people who apply, you're being told that there's nobody out there that has anything in common with you, that could be with you.

"But since the show, I'm living my best life. I've just been so shocked at the love that you get. Overall I'm happy that I took part and I don't regret it. You never know what might happen. I was genuine, and had I got matched differently, my whole experience could have been different – I could have been like Cam and Jules and my whole life could have been changed. For now, I'm a full-time husband hunter. That’s what I'm dedicating my time to, because it's a freaking hard job!"

Married at First Sight Australia aired on E4. Catch up now on All 4.

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