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Steve Coogan explains why he had to be "careful" with Alan Partridge podcast Easter eggs

"We tried to paint the picture of his past life but we don't try and paint it too fully."

Steve Coogan has brought Alan Partridge back for a brand new podcast – From the Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast – an 18-part series where Alan takes listeners along on a wild ride as he tries to track down an online troll.

There are, of course, some neat Easter eggs that long-time Partridge fans will pick up on, but speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Coogan revealed that he had to be "careful" filling in the character's backstory in the podcast as it's all too easy to get things wrong.

He explained: "We have to be careful, because the more we fill in – when you have a blank page you can be inventive, you can be a little cavalier with your choices because you're not hostage to any pre-existing facts.

stratagem with alan partridge

Listen to the new Alan Partridge podcast

"The more facts you put out in the story you have to respect them and sometimes you'll slip up."

He said that there are some "anecdotal things in there that could have happened to him", but they didn't want to have to change anything by missing something important.

"We tried to paint the picture of his past life but we don't try and paint it too fully, because we want the agency and artistry to be able to fill in some of those blanks and not write a full comprehensive thing.

"But we wanted to pay respect to it for the integrity of it and not change things, so we're a little bit hostage to what we've established and that's good – it's good to have some sort of structure."

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Coogan also revealed to Digital Spy that Alan's recent BBC TV series This Time will be back for another round of awkward encounters, saying that the team is "in the middle of writing another series".

"We're shooting at the end of the year. We're scrambling to get it together," he said. "It will be broadcast next spring, sometime."

From the Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast is available to download now from Audible.co.uk.

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