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Alan Partridge is making a comeback in his first-ever podcast with Audible

A-Ha! It's Alan from The Oasthouse!

A-ha! Alan Partridge is back, thanks to Audible.

Steve Coogan is reprising his most beloved comic creation for a brand new 18-part podcast series that will feature Alan in the type of long-form discussions only he is capable of having.

From the Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast is free of the censorship of the BBC and Radio Norwich, so the host can now get to the heart of issues that matter most to him. And he'll talk about ABBA, too, we imagine.

stratagem with alan partridge

"Like most people, I assumed those who hosted podcasts were pale, tech obsessed social lepers who live with their mums and couldn't get a platform on any meaningful broadcaster so started spouting their bloated opinions into their USB microphones to flatter their groaning sense of self-importance," Alan has said.

"But then I spoke to a man I'd never heard of before from Audible. HE called ME and made me an offer. I countered. He came back. I countered again.

"In short, we hammered out the details (to my satisfaction) and the result is a series of podcasts. They've been described as very good/sensational."

Fans can pre-order the full series by clicking here ahead of its September 3 release, but there is already one episode available for free to listen via Alexa from today (June 5) to next Friday (June 12). The series is free for Audible members and free with Audible's 30-day trial.

this time with alan partridge

Alan most recently appeared on telly in the BBC's One Show parody This Time last year, with co-writers and directors Neil and Rob Gibbons later confirming that they were working on a new television project as well.

Intriguingly, at that time, the Gibbons revealed that they "could definitely see Alan doing" a podcast – and one year later, the Knowing Me, Knowing You presenter is finally getting one!

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