Neighbours spoiler: Elly struggles with her big news

How will Mark react?

jodi anasta as elly conway in neighbours
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Episode 8064 | Airs Thursday 21 March 2019 at 13:45 and 17:30 on Channel 5 (UK) and 18:30 on 10 Peach (Australia)

Shocked to discover she’s pregnant, Elly grapples with what that means for her and Mark. Fearing it will lead to more rejection, she avoids telling him. Elly does tell sympathetic Fay, who offers to make arrangements for the two of them to meet.

When Chloe accidentally hears the baby news, she’s shocked but swallows her own hurt to counsel Elly. All Mark has ever wanted is a family and the pregnancy will surely reunite them. Elly is encouraged but Chloe is privately heartbroken, confessing to Fay that while a baby might bring Mark and Elly closer together, it can only split her and Elly further apart.

Mark is still determined not to take back a woman he can’t trust but Fay convinces him to hear Elly out one more time. At the meeting, Elly takes Amy’s advice not to use the baby as bait to get Mark back and tries again to change his mind. When Mark holds firm on his resolve that there’s no future for them, Elly is unable to hold her tongue any longer. She reveals she’s pregnant. Will this push Mark to take her back?

Meanwhile, the public scandal over Mel’s nefarious actions continues to dent the reputation of Robinson Pines. While Paul maintains he did nothing wrong, Amy is at a crossroads. Gary helps her realise that running the development for her morally-grey father has turned her into someone she doesn’t want to be. With Gary’s encouragement, she comes to decide she shouldn’t be working with her father at all. She resigns, happily choosing to return to her roots as ‘The Handy Woman’. Paul is hurt and angry when he learns the part Gary played.

Elsewhere, Dipi and Shane learn that Lauren is putting Number 32 up for sale. Disappointed to realise they can’t afford to buy it, they resign themselves to finding another house to rent in the area. But when Aaron hears the news, he’s intrigued. He calls David to check on their financial situation. Could they be about to buy a home of their own?

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