Home and Away spoiler: Nikau is shocked as Allegra kisses him

Bella witnesses the whole thing.

Episode 7560

UK airdate: Monday 21 June 2021 at 13:15 and 18:00 on Channel 5

Australian airdate: Monday 17 May 2021 at 19:00 on Channel 7

Alf is unimpressed with the chaos in the Surf Club from Sienna's last-minute photoshoot set-up. Nikau keeps telling Sienna that he needs more notice for any future shoots, but Sienna refuses to see the cause of his upset.

During the shoot, Nikau finds it hard to focus again and when Bella offers to pull him out of his slump again, Sienna jumps in over the top of her instead, directing Allegra and Nikau closer and closer together. Nikau finds it hard to focus on his fake love interest with Bella watching on, and Sienna recognises the cause for his discomfort. She orders Bella to do a coffee run to get her away from Nikau's attentive eye.

While Bella's away, Nikau performs exactly how Sienna wants. But Sienna's not satisfied and wants more out of Allegra. She asks her to bring sex appeal to their shoot. The moment Bella returns again, Nikau feels uncomfortable. Bella sees how great Nikau and Allegra look together, which makes her feel insecure.

Sienna sends Bella on another coffee run to get her away from Nikau. While Nikau is out of earshot, Sienna makes a plan with Allegra to kiss Nikau right on her cue. Bella does her best to convince Ryder and Chloe that she's okay with the whole situation, but they see right through her attempts.

Just as the trio come down from the Diner with Sienna's coffee, Bella sees Allegra kissing Nikau passionately. It's all too much and she flees. Nikau tells Sienna the shoot is over and takes off after Bella.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Ryder return from the bank with bad news about the loan for their new business venture. The bank has turned them down and their options are slim. When Ryder offers up selling his car, Marilyn can't believe her ears. But both her and Roo are impressed with their commitment.

Ryder doesn't believe they're ever going to reach their goal even if they apply for local bar work. Ryder continues to get down about the possibility of their future food truck venture and it causes Chloe to snap. Ryder brings her back by reminding Chloe they're in it together.

Roo sees how committed Ryder and Chloe are to their venture, including selling his beloved car to raise the funds needed, which gives Roo an idea she pitches to her dad. Alf, Roo and Marilyn have decided to become silent investors in Chloe and Ryder's food truck business, which they excitedly accept.

Elsewhere, Justin continues to hide his pain-medication intake from Leah and he almost comes unstuck when she arrives home earlier than anticipated, but he's able to hide his stash just in time, blaming his shaky behaviour as pain from over-doing it at the gym.

Leah thinks she's doing the right thing by offering up pain medication, which forces Justin to double-dose his last intake. Just when Justin wants to relax following his double-dosing, Leah barrels in with news that she has decided to hire a private investigator, to Justin's disapproval.

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