Home and Away spoiler: Nikau and Bella face more problems

Sienna makes more demands.

Episode 7559

UK airdate: Friday 18 June 2021 at 13:15 and 18:00 on Channel 5

Australian airdate: Thursday 13 May 2021 at 20:00 on Channel 7

Bella and Nikau are finally reunited with one another after Nikau has arrived back from a shoot in the city. The pair decide to spend their day together. Just as Nikau settles into being home again and enjoying his uncle's BBQ dinner, Sienna and Emmett call in unannounced. Emmett is more apologetic, but there's an undercurrent to Sienna's actions.

Nikau notices his uncle's absent mind and persuades the party to move onto Salt, to give Tane some breathing space. While Sienna and Nikau look through his social media, Emmett and Bella take a moment to escape and discuss their love of photography and the stunning backdrop of Summer Bay, which gives Emmett an idea.

The following day, Sienna invites both Nikau and Bella down to the Diner for breakfast. Bella and Nikau make a pact before arriving – they'll have one coffee and leave to spend the day together. Just when their day is supposed to be for them, Sienna and Emmett spring a last-minute photoshoot idea on Nikau. Emmett even wrangles Bella in on the day, boosting her ego with her knowledge of the area.

Allegra arrives, unbeknownst to Emmett. Sienna has organised for Allegra to come and shake things up between Nikau and Bella, but Nikau's main concern is letting Alf down at the bait shop again. The 'simple' day turns into a massive production. Bella and Nikau realise their day alone is lost to Sienna's demanding schedule.

Meanwhile, Tane is not sure his proposal for he and Ziggy to move in together was the best idea to put forward. Ziggy tries to assure him she's in a really good space right now in her relationship and moving in together could jeopardise that.

When Ziggy hits the gym in a state, Mia and Ari decided to divide and conquer with the troubled lovers. Ari finds Tane in the backyard, dwelling on his situation. Ari is surprised to hear Tane asked Ziggy to move in together and feels like a fish out of water in the love stakes.

Ziggy, on the other hand, is well tuned to love and heartache. The idea of moving in together is all too familiar territory and absolutely terrifying. Mia notices a pensive Ziggy as she's leaving from work at the gym. They discuss the heavy decision weighing on Ziggy and Mia reminds Ziggy how Tane has never lived with a girlfriend before, so the proposition wouldn't have come lightly but if she doesn't feel ready, Tane will understand.

Back at the house, Tane surprises Ari with his old leather motorcycle jacket he kept from his time incinerated. Ziggy decides to confront Tane about her fears but he assures her how serious he is. All of her fears suddenly slip away and Ziggy jumps head first into her decision to move in with Tane.

Elsewhere, Alf and Roo are happy to share the good news with Marilyn about Martha doing really well in her recovery at the care facility. Nikau comes across them and must explain how Roo has had to cover for him while he has been on photoshoots. Nikau is worried Alf will replace him at the bait shop and wishes he didn't rely on Ryder to fill in for him when Ryder's clearly unreliable at the moment.

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