Katie questions her future with Declan

Katie isn't sure whether she loves Declan.

Declan brings a weak Katie home from hospital for a few hours, promising that he will do whatever it takes to make things right between them. Katie is thrown but reluctantly agrees when Declan breaks it to her that he has asked Megan to stay so he can ease up on his workload, but it means Robbie is coming back too.

Later, Gennie visits and questions how things are between Katie and Declan. Katie admits that she was going to tell Declan it was over, but she doesn't know how she feels about him now. When Katie thought she was about to die it made her realise what is important in her life and she's not sure if Declan is anymore. She's not ready to talk to him about it yet and can't figure out what to do next.

Meanwhile, Paddy is struggling to keep on top of paperwork at the vets, and Rhona reveals that she has hired a new locum, her friend Vanessa. Aware of Vanessa's wild reputation, Paddy dreads her arrival. When Vanessa turns up, Paddy already feels isolated as Rhona greets her friend.

As the day continues, Vanessa eyes up Andy in the pub and Paddy is annoyed to hear that she and Rhona are planning a night out. He worries about Vanessa bringing men back to the house, but is forced to apologise when she overhears him complaining and there's a sense that the pair might actually get on fine. Later, Rhona receives the bad news that Tootsie has cancer, and Paddy offers to visit Edna so that her night out with Vanessa isn't ruined.

Soon afterwards, Edna's world collapses when Paddy breaks it to her that Tootsie has cancer of the spleen. She worries about how she's going to afford the treatment, knowing she has no insurance.

Elsewhere, David hurts his back after sneaking up on Priya and falling, while Gennie is upset when Debbie tells her that she's not being a witness for Chas.
Soaps: Emmerdale: 6418: 2012-12-10

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