Hayley sets her sights on Jack

Hayley still has her sights set on Jack, but feels upset when he's not as keen.

Scarlett is excited - it's just one more day until she goes on a family holiday to Berwick. And by family she does not mean Molly and Theresa. Theresa is boiling over with jealousy that Scarlett is so happy and content. However, Molly thinks that if Scarlett can become an integral part of the Shieldinch community, so can Theresa. With Molly's encouragement, Theresa decides that she should try and find a job. But there are no jobs going and Theresa's hostility rises once more.

She reckons it's about time Scarlett looks after some dodgy TVs for her or she'll tell Bob she's her real mother. It's not long before the police come knocking, someone's tipped them off, and Scarlett and Jimmy are taken in for questioning. This clears the way for Theresa to slip right into Scarlett's shoes to look after Bob and Madonna – and also fill in for Scarlett at the Tall Ship. However, when Bob decides to take the blame for the stolen TVs, Theresa realises she might have to do the right thing after all. But someone else is going to get there first.

Meanwhile, at Just Gordon, Hayley still has her sights set on Jack, but is left feeling upset when Jack insists their previous kiss was a huge mistake and will never happen again. When Jack introduces his young deaf son Jonathan to his colleagues, Hayley immediately offers to take him to her house to entertain him. Jack is reluctant at first but realises he's in a tight spot and could really do with help. Hayley and Jonathan get on like a house on fire and when Jack comes to pick him up, he's impressed by Hayley. When Jonathan goes back to his mum, Jack goes round to Hayley's to thank her and it soon becomes clear that he can't contain his feelings for her any longer.

Eileen has left Big Bob in charge of the community centre but has forgotten that today is the deadline for submitting ideas for a community radio station. If it isn't submitted, they will lose their funding, so Big Bob enlists Scott's help in coming up with ideas. Stella overhears and tells them she has worked at a hospital radio station before and has lots of good programme ideas - but Big Bob and Scott don't want to hear them. However, although Scott has the brains he doesn't have the creative abilities - and while Stella has great ideas, she can't put them into words. Big Bob decides they have to work together to make the radio station a success.

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