Ten Things About... Idris Elba

Digital Spy gives you ten facts about the Luther star.

Idris Elba goes from maverick cop Luther to commander in Guillermo del Toro's new film Pacific Rim. The actor is now a household name in the UK and US thanks to his multiple roles in hits such as Ultraviolet and The Wire.

Elba's characters have a hit-first, ask-questions-later policy, but it's his wicked qualities that have kept fans hooked. Here, Digital Spy gives you ten things you might not have known about the Thor actor.

1. Idrissa Akuna Elba was born on September 6, 1972 in Hackney, London. His father Winston is from Sierra Leone and his mother Eve is from Ghana - they married in West Africa before moving to London.

2. After helping his uncle out at his wedding DJ business, Elba set up his own DJ company with his friends. This was the start of his love of music as he won a place at the National Youth Music Theatre after leaving school in 1988.

3. Despite the Prince's Trust grant giving £1,500 towards his place at the youth theatre, Elba took on a variety of jobs to pay his rent. These ranged from Crimewatch reconstruction cases, cold calling to tyre fitting.

Watch Idris chat to DS below:

4. The celeb started off down the music route as DJ Big Driis and has featured on the intro to Jay-Z's album 'American Gangster', which he co-produced.

5. Elba has not always played the corrupted cop but has done spells in comedy. He appeared for six episodes on the US version of The Office as a rival to Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and played a gigolo in an episode of Absolutely Fabulous.

Watch Elba make an impression as Charles Miner in The Office:

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6. Elba has been in some box office hits including Thor, RocknRolla, Prometheus and 28 Weeks Later, not to mention the odd stonker... Despite being a commercial hit, Obsession failed to impress the critics, who didn't like that Elba's character had no interest in Ali Larter's stalker/femme fatale.

7. The actor directed and performed in Mumford & Sons' music video 'Lover of the Light'. Elba can be seen getting ready for another day at the office but decides to explore the countryside and beach instead. Why not, eh?

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8. Elba was named one of the Top Ten Hottest Men on the Planet in 2004 and 2005 by Essence Magazine, and also made the Top 100 Most Beautiful People in People Magazine in 2007. It must be the brooding and murderous looks he pulls.

9. The 40-year-old is currently single but has a daughter from his first marriage. He has a home in Atlanta and London so he can be close to her.

10. Elba rose to fame in the US playing Stringer Bell in The Wire. The charismatic drug kingpin was trying to legitimise his company, but met his maker at the end of season three. The Brit pulled off a flawless American accent in the process.

Watch Idris Elba discuss a potential Luther movie with Digital Spy below:

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