Image unveils 'Jupiter's Legacy Giant-Sized Edition'

Oversized comic features the first three issues of Millar and Quitely's series.

Image Comics has announced Jupiter's Legacy Giant-Sized Edition.

The oversized comic will feature the first three issues of Mark Millar and Frank Quitely's superhero series.

The twelve-issue series centres around the disaffected descendants of superheroes who have squandered the heritage left to them by their parents.

"After the shocking and unprecedented events in Jupiter's Legacy #3, everything we know is wrong," said Image.

"The story can go anywhere, the cast can do anything, and, depending on their point of view, the world is either their prison... or their oyster. Who lives? Who dies? Who will save us all from the superhero revolution?"

The series was originally titled Jupiter's Children.

Jupiter's Legacy Giant-Sized Edition #1 will be released on December 26, with Jupiter's Legacy #4 arriving in January.

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