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Services We Offer

Buying Side

$300per transaction

  • Complete Oversight of the Buying Side of the Transaction
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Selling Side

$300per transaction

  • Complete Oversight of the Selling Side of the Transaction
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Both Sides

$450per transaction

  • Complete Oversight of Both Sides of the Transaction
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Just click the "Get Started" button above and enter your information - and the property information - into the form. Once we receive your request we will be in contract with you to get the transaction file opened! We will contract you within 24 hours GUARANTEED.

All disclosure forms that are required for the transaction are included. While it is state specific some of the most common forms include: LBP, SF, SOW, SPD, BA, MOLD, and Affiliated Business.

We will help you to coordinate all documents needed as part of the transaction. Some examples include: due diligence docs, inspection resolution, and HOA docs.

We sure do! We will email you the day before each deadline listed in the contract.

That is up to you. We are here to help make your job easier, so please contact us in the way that works best for you. We can be reached by phone, email, or through the back-end of the transaction coordination software we use (you will receive a login to this software on the first transaction you do with us).

Armour's Responsibility

  • Review all listing and buyer contracts. Verify signatures, dates, and initials.
  • Send out your disclosures to which ever side you're on.
  • Open escrow.
  • Amend-Extend if needed.
  • Introduce ourselves to all parties.
  • Maintain high level oversight of dates, and deadlines, and remind you a day before each deadline.
  • Order warranty.
  • Order closing gifts.
  • Create dotloop/greensheets. (KW only)
  • Set closings.
  • Remind buyers of property insurance.
  • Add documents to docs management.
  • Send copies of contracts to all parties.
  • Review HUD-1 statement.
  • Weekly follow-up with lenders and escrow companies.
  • Close file out in MLS and CTME.
  • Upload your photos to the MLS with descriptions.
  • Send earnest money receipt to listing agents.
  • Send HOA docs (listing side).
  • Upload all other docs to docs management.

Agent Responsibility

  • Create your contracts and disclosures. (We will add the buyers name once the offer is accepted)
  • Inform us of a new listing or buyer (Open a transaction)
  • Add ArmourTC in CTME.
  • Inform your buyer or seller that you are working with a transaction coordinator.
  • Schedule the inspection. (Buying side)
  • Write inspection objection or resolution (depending on which side you represent). We will send the document once it is ready.
  • Communicate with ArmourTC if an amend extend is needed.
  • Create your MLS listing. (We will add the photos and descriptions)
  • Review HUD-1 after you receive it from us. (or from title)
  • Tell us where to send the closing gift.
  • Attend closing.

How Else Can We Help?

Additional Services

Did you know that in addition to our transaction coordination services there are more ways that ArmourTC can help you?

Classes & Seminars In-Person Instruction

We teach in-person classes & seminars designed to help educate real estate agents on the importance of the transaction process. We cover topics such as compliance, deadlines, due diligence, etc.